Would you buy a product that you know nothing about. You don’t know the seller, price, or even what it does?

Of course not! Unless you like living life on the edge.

So, what makes us feel comfortable buying products?

Let me introduce you to…

The marketing funnel

What Is a Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel outlines the stages your potential customer takes before they convert and become a customer.

The 3 stages include:

Top of the funnel(TOFU) or (awareness)
Middle of the funnel(MOFU) or (consideration)
Bottom of the funnel(BOFU) or (conversion)

*there are a lot of ways to describe the funnel

It’s shaped like a funnel because there are going to be a lot of people who know about your product. Fewer people who need your product. And even fewer people who buy your product.

Marketing Funnel Stages Explained

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Top of the Funnel (aka TOFU aka awareness)

People need to know you exist.

If people don’t know who you are, they are not going to buy from you. So you want to let your potential customers aware of what you do and how you can possibly help them.

Ways you can get people to become aware of you are by running ads, creating engaging content on social media, and blog posts. 

Middle of the Funnel (aka MOFU aka consideration)

Ok, now that people have a general idea of who you are, they might be interested in your product/service. Or, they might start researching possible solutions to their problem. 

Ways to market in the middle of the funnel include, email nurturing campaigns, testimonials, and product reviews.

Bottom of the Funnel (aka BOFU aka conversion)

The potential customer has looked at their options and is now a customer!

Ways to increase conversion rates are free trials, promo codes, and product comparisons. 

Marketing Funnel Examples

you can have a funnel for email, SEO, and even social media so I’m going to outline the ones that are most common

1.)  A customer looks at your Facebook ad(TOFU). You offer a PDF in exchange for information(MOFU). Finally, you send a coupon code and they convert(BOFU).

2.) Someone sees a social media post(TOFU). They click on a landing page link(MOFU). Then they buy the product(BOFU).

3.) Someone clicks on your blog post(TOFU). They read another blog post comparing products(MOFU). They choose your product and convert(BOFU)

These are just examples. It’s never that easy.