What Are TikTok Hooks?

A hook is the first thing you say to grab your audience’s attention. 

It’s usually something short and interesting enough to get people to stop scrolling. Think of it as a headline for your video.

Hooks are important because you are competing with millions of other videos, and if you don’t get their attention within the first couple of seconds they will scroll away. 

tiktok hook1

Hook Examples

Here are 15 examples of TikTok hooks that made people go viral. If you want to use them for yourself just add your information in the empty sections.

  1. You won’t believe ___
  2. The <number> reason/s why you’re not ___
  3. The <number> reason/s why you should ___
  4. Easy ways to ___
  5. Things I wish I knew before I __
  6. You won’t believe how  ___
  7. Exposing my secret to ___
  8. The only thing you need to know about ___
  9. How I <goal> in only <time frame>
  10. Why is no one talking about  ____
  11. The biggest mistake people make when ____
  12. <number> Tools everyone should know about.
  13. If you want to <goal> then you should be doing this.
  14. The only thing you need to know about <niche>
  15. Stop making this huge mistake.

Notice how they pique your interest and go straight to the point. 

Turning Your Own Stories Into Hooks

List hooks and hook templates are extremely popular, but your stories alone can be made into a hook.
You can grab your audience’s attention by skipping through the introduction of your story, and starting with the peak/conflict of the story. 

For example, if something exciting happened and you want to share it. Start by stating the exciting thing first then go more into detail. 

So, if you got into a car accident(god forbid). Start your story with “I literally just got into a car accident and you won’t believe what happened afterward!”

Instead of saying, “So I went grocery shopping, ate 2 bagels, and then saw a squirrel. Then out of nowhere a honda civic made a U-turn and hit my car.”

How to Use TikTok Hooks

Hooks should be used at the beginning of your video. They are also meant to grab attention so, turn your energy up a bit.

If something exciting happened. Pretend like you’re going to tell your friend about what happened. 

If something frustrating happened, show that it was frustrating. Use body language, or add effects to your video. 

You only have a couple of seconds so make the most of it!

And once you have their attention, remember to make them follow, like or share your video using a Call To Action. Adding a call to action to the end of your video can easily convert normal viewers into followers!

Test, Test, Test!

Some hooks will work better than others. You might even notice a trend. So that’s why it’s important to test and see what works.

Hooks alone aren’t enough to grow and attract your audience so here are 30+ more TikTok tips to use on your next videos!