A customer avatar aka a persona is a staple of nearly all marketing practices. It’s definitely something I should have learned earlier on because it’s used often. From email marketing to blogging, and even social media. 

Your avatar is crucial to every marketing effort you put forth. We’re going to break down what an avatar is, how to create one, and how to implement it.

What is a Customer Avatar

A persona or customer avatar is a fictional character that you create.

This character is the ideal person who would resonate with your brand and buy your products. 

How Do You Create A Persona

customer avatar fillable pdf

To create an avatar, you need to ask questions that will give you enough detail to visualize their behavior and interests. 

Here are some questions that you can ask to create your customer avatar…

  1. What are their goals?
  2. What do they value?
  3. Do they have any pain points?
  4. Where do they get their information?
  5. What is their demographic information?
  6. Do they have any challenges that your product can fix?
  7. Are there any objections to not buying your product/service?
  8. Do they have any relevant hobbies?
  9. What is their story?
  10. What does their day-to-day life look like?

How to Use Your Customer Avatar

Your avatar will be used as a reference point. For example, let’s say you created a new blog post. You can ask yourself, “Will this avatar find this post useful, or engaging?”.
Use this method when creating ads, copy, lead magnets, offers, etc… 

Download A Free Customer Avatar PDF

Need help building your avatar? Don’t worry I did all the work for you.
I created my own fillable pdf! It has all the sections built-in so all you have to do is fill it in. Plus it’s somewhat decent looking. I’m no graphic designer but has helped me a lot, and it’s free!