A call to action should be used in almost every video you post. Don’t just leave your audience hanging. Tell them what to do next. You have the power to keep your viewers engaged with your content. So here are 10 TikTok call to actions that you should be using, as well as more in-depth info. 

6 TikTok Call To Action Examples

But by far the best call to action is your own personalized call to action. 

Create Your Own Call To Action

Making your own call to action is best because it’s specific to you and your goals. If you have a downloadable PDF, you can say, “get my free pdf here!”

Or maybe you have a new YouTube video that you want to promote. You can also say, “You will love my new video click here to get more information!”

Want to increase engagement? What about, “What do you think? Let me know in the comments.”

Whatever you want them to do include it in your call to action. Tell them whatever you want them to do and be specific.

Why Call To Actions Are Important

A call to action helps your users interact with more of your content. It also helps you reach your goals with your content. I mean you didn’t just record, edit, and upload a video for nothing.

You want something in return. Whether it’s likes, views, or help with a campaign. So, telling them what to do after watching your video helps them help you.

Sometimes viewers get sucked into a video and once it ends their natural instinct is to swipe up. But, if you sneak in a CTA you can make them snap out of it.

My Call To Action!

Call to actions are just one part of the TikTok puzzle. So if you found this helpful and want 30+ more tips to grow on TikTok Click Here!